Saturday, December 04, 2010

Good Bread

Update to this post, 12/14/2010: For some reason, the links to the actual recipe and blog post in the third paragraph below are dead. The whole article has disappeared. Drop me a line and I'll email you the recipe if you're curious. 

So, I've been a curious bread-baker for many years, with varying results. I have lots of books and have tried every single "proven" recipe that anyone and everyone has ever shared with me. I still never felt totally confident and sometimes the bread was great and sometimes not.

For the past couple of years I've been thrilled with my two no-knead recipes, found here and here and use them very, very often. I've never had a failure with either of these recipes.  Both make a rustically beautiful round loaf with an open, chewy crumb and a very chewy crust. Delicious for spreading with butter and honey and eating an entire loaf at one sitting, but not always so  perfect for every-day sandwiches. I have a bread machine recipe that I like a lot that I use for the kids' daily lunch bread, but I've been longing for a foolproof loaf-pan recipe that gives me the same confidence that the no-knead methods have given me.

 Yesterday, it dropped right into my lap. Or rather my email box. I'm so excited. Check it out here in a blog post with photos, detailed instructions and a great story and here for the printable recipe. I've made 2 loaves already with different flours and both came out perfectly. The loaf in the photos is made from King Arthur 100% White Whole Wheat. I also tried it with half regular flour/half home-ground wheat flour and that got eaten while it was still hot. Next will be the 100% regular whole wheat test, which I think will be tomorrow afternoon's Sunday Kitchen Therapy.  This bread has a fine, soft crumb and a soft crust and slices to perfection. It does make great toast, as the blog post attests, but I made myself a salami sandwich with mayo and it was heavenly. Likewise the steady stream of bread, butter and honey I've been living on today.


  1. Wow, that looks awesome! And the recipe looks so simple! Thanks for sharing!! A salami sandwich sounds so good right now!:)

  2. that's lovely. i am scared of bread-making, but i might try it.

  3. i can't get the links to work!! could you email me the url? it looks and sounds fabulous. i share that artisan bread recipe you taught me with everyone! in fact, i may go make some now.


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