Monday, February 07, 2011

Book Review: 365 Thanks Yous

365 Thank Yous: The Year a Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life
by John Kralik
Adult Non Fiction, Self Help, Confessional

I heard this author on NPR and was intrigued enough from his interview to read this book. It was a quick read but was very thought-provoking for me. The idea of choosing to feel grateful, especially in the midst of challenges and frustration, resonates with me, so I liked reading about the author's decision to do just that. The writing is not fabulous, and at times though it is told in first person, the narration feels almost dispassionate.  It gets the job done and the story was enough to hold my interest till the end. Perhaps more importantly, Kralik's year inspired me to start writing more handwritten thank you notes. I'm not even trying for 1 per day or anything like that, but I would like to do better at acknowledging the many good things in my life by thanking the people who provide them.

Kralik seems to want the reader know that he never intended to set himself up as a guru or even as an example. I liked the fact that the book was nearly devoid of ego and never once was the voice in any way arrogant. One of the effects of this man's reach toward gratitude was a quieting of his own need to be acknowledged. I heard him saying not "Hey, look what I did-I'm so awesome, " but instead, "I want to share this cool thing and hope it brings you some of the gifts it brought me."

If you need a bit of a pick-me-up or feel that your challenges are overwhelming, you may enjoy learning how Mr. Kralik got past his difficulties and changed his whole mindset in the process.

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  1. What a great idea. I've been thinking about ways to be develop more gratitude, and I think this would be a wonderful way to go about it. Except that I would feel successful if I could get a note mailed once a month!


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