Saturday, March 19, 2011

Not Quite There Yet

The crazy pace continues. Every day this week I've worked to finish tasks and take care of obligations from early am till late, late at night, trying to squeeze every spare minute from every day. I'm really, really tired and I can't remember a time this intense in a long, long time. I wasn't here after school yesterday, which I try to avoid, but we did finally manage to all have dinner together last night-a favorite, simple meal of waffles, bacon, leftover baked potatoes fried up into home fries, and plenty of chocolate milk and orange juice. Yum.  It makes such a difference to do that simple thing-it steadies me to have everyone in sight and talking around the table. Fortunately, my kids are good kids who are independent enough to take care of themselves while I'm gone and busy, but I genuinely like being around. I like being here when they come and go and focusing on the running of the household.

My organization hotspot this week from simplemom was to tackle the paper clutter. This is the one I need most, but this week's tight schedule has thus far made it impossible for me to block out enough time to work on it, not even in 15-minute bits. I made an attempt to take some photos and gather my materials, but that's as far as I got. I'm hoping to get to it today but am not sure THAT will happen because  everything today will be measured in large blocks of time with the only time in between spent driving to the next thing. I'm trying to figure out what I can wear that will get me through the whole day. I will be leaving the house here in about an hour, and may not actually sit down again inside of it (I will be stopping by to drop off and pick up) until about 11:30 tonight. All along the way I'll be making phone calls, trying to stay in touch with the family, and just plain chipping away at this list.

My mood is okay-I'm definitely eating too much chocolate (the Orange Chocolate candies of my heart have returned to Trader Joes!), but I'm staying fairly stable and trying really hard to eat lots of good things in between the chocolate. More importantly, I remembered to put my camera battery on the charger and get through the proper saving of yesterday's photos. There will be more today, but I'm ready.  I can say with surety that this pace and period of everything coming together at once is temporary. It really is. Days will come in the future when I'll see a cleared To Do list (for actual hours at a time) and empty space on my calendar and be able to just putter in my garden or take a walk without feeling an inner mandate to get done and get to the next thing.

That beautiful, ethereal dream will keep me going.

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  1. i love breakfast for dinner. Hopefully the end is in sight and you can enjoy a few days with luxurious naps soon.


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