Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sick Day

Evan has strep again. He's always been somewhat of a susceptible kid, getting the worst possible version of whatever is going around, but this is bad even for him (he just had a case of strep about 6 weeks ago). Three others of us are on the edge of being sick, but so far, no fever and other symptoms that Ev is going through. We missed church today and he'll have to stay home tomorrow, so, even though he's nearly 15, time will stop for us and we'll have a couple of quiet days in the house together. Mostly he'll sleep, and I'll be able to step out for some of what's on my calendar, but I actually like the chance to take care of an ailing teen. Sometimes its the only time I can actually do anything for them. I try not to hover and also to stay away from WebMD and the like and just trust my instincts about how they're feeling, when to get worried and all that, but I have to admit it's sort of nice to have them around when they're sick. My husband mocks me constantly about making the immediate leap from a mysterious bruise to something horrible like leukemia, but in some ways, I'm pretty relaxed about sickness, trying at all costs to avoid unnecessary antibiotics and OTC remedies, trying to remember that the best medicine (besides laughter of course) is good old Tincture of Time, and most of all, trying hard to let them stop and rest. It's hard in this day and age, especially for a high-schooler, but it will be best in the long run.


  1. I'm with you. There is something strangely satisfying about a day where I have to stay home to take care of someone. Now staying home for Pink Eye = LAME. Someone who is legitimately sick and needing me? That feels much different :)

  2. in my selfish way, sick kids usually sleep more and I don't feel as guilty letting them watch show after show from their bed on the couch. I'm sure as they get older, I'll feel more motherly about caring for the sick. but aside from not wanting more requirements of me, it still pulls at my heartstrings to have a little one only want mommy and to sleep next to them and check their feverish brow.


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