Monday, March 07, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I've been hit hard by the urge to purge my stuff. Last week I got a start on my craft supplies and was able to share with friends from church about half of what I was ready to let go. I've already got everything that didn't get taken in my giveaway on Saturday packed up and in in the car. Goodwill is on my list of stops today.

For the next 5 weeks, as the badge to the left attests,  I'm de-cluttering along with simplemom and rather looking forward to it.  I'm up at my usual time and I couldn't wait to see what the hot spot for the week would be. It is...drumroll please...

MY WARDROBE! Ack! It's like she knows me. My closet is a mess-the great closed door on all my clutter skeletons. I love her reasons for starting here rather than with something that seems more critical like paper clutter or the kitchen. She says I should take care of myself first and I'm not good at doing that, so this is a good exercise.

I've just gotten Sara off to seminary and I've already taken my before photos (nope-no cheating or photoshopping-you'll see them here at the end of the week in all their horrid glory) and started gathering my tools. I'm a notorious off-to-a-great-start-then-get-overwhelmed-or perfectionistic-so-I-stop-midway sort of person, so I need to take do this wisely, taking the whole week to get it done and done right. Fortunately I know what to do. I read and dream about these kinds of processes all the time. I just need to keep moving.

Wish me luck! Better yet, come spring clean along with me!


  1. Good luck Kellie! I need to go through my clothes too! Thanks for the extra boost to get going on it!

  2. mmm. i think i might just join you. i need to declutter EVERYWHERE (not just my house. my van. my yard. my mind).

  3. Yay for purging! With all my "helpers" I'm beginning to think it's an impossible task. Slowly but surely.

    Good for you to make it happen. Keep on keeping on!


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