Saturday, May 28, 2011

Adventures and Good Times

I made my first bike trip to the grocery store on Wednesday and it went pretty well. I used our old Kiddie Kart trailer and it worked like a charm. This trailer is very easy to haul-I hardly felt it behind me, even with 20 or so pounds of produce on the way home. I feel like I could haul a lot more if I needed.   I always really liked it for the kids, so I'm glad we kept it. Next week I want to try riding to one of the farmer's markets, even though I'll have to take a longer way to avoid roads. PS, I will be SO glad when this project is finished. I found myself right in the middle of the construction and it was highly annoying. Fortunately there is another path to the store that was untouched, but I can't really ride to the lake, which is one of my favorite routes.

I did forget my bike lock cable so my brilliant solution was to stash the bike completely behind the store, out of sight, then I cleverly wove all my bungee cords through the spokes of the wheels and frame, then dashed into the store for my few needed items, secure in the knowledge that by the time any would-be thief had untangled all the bungee cords, I would be back to the bike. Either no one even noticed the bike or my brilliant plan worked, Bwahahahahah.

The next time I went out I did remember my lock, so hopefully it will quickly become a habit. I've co-opted an old kid's backpack as my cycling pack and the lock fits in there nicely. So far, I love the freedom of being on a bike-no parking worries, wind in my face, etc. Gorgeous.

Thursday was a scouting trip to a new photography location: Turf Valley. A friend is getting married on Monday and asked me to take her wedding photos, so we went and looked around. It was fun to talk with her about what she wants and get a sense of the location. I've known her since she was 3, so it is pretty special to be part of her day.

Yesterday was a day for celebrating as I went  a high school graduation at which several kids from our church youth group were being honored. I got my ticket from my darling friend Amanda, and I'm so glad I got to be there to cheer her on. It was a major triumph and a huge day for her.

Afterward was a bridal shower for the friend mentioned above. It actually kind of takes a lot of motivation to get me out to a shower but this one was a can't-miss and so I went and it was awesome. Friends I haven't seen in months were there and it was comfortable and fun. As usual, I may have talked too much and laughed too loud, but I sure had a nice time because we were all laughing together.

There are some more sweet times to come as we spend today and tomorrow together as a family and then send Sam off on his mission on Tuesday. I should have lots of photos to post!


  1. Three summers ago, when gas prices were really high, we took to riding the bike to the store for mid-week and small trips. I need to start doing that again; thanks for the reminder. It is lovely to be out on a bike in the warm weather, isn't it?

  2. Love the biking! You are so cool Kellie.:) I haven't been to a bridal shower in forever! Those are my favorite and I'm glad you had a good time!

  3. I'm so excited that you're doing your errands on a bike!! That's one of the things that I love about living out here. I even have my car up for sale. And your Kiddie Kart is very cool!


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