Saturday, May 19, 2012

Samuel at age 20

My third child turned 20 today. I don't have a current photo of him because he is, at this very moment serving a mission for the Lord in California and he is working too hard to send me any photos. :o) I do like this picture because it makes me laugh that he wanted photos in his jacket and tie but could only muster getting dressed up from the hips up.  As it should be.

I did get to talk to him the week before his birthday on Mother's day and it was wonderful to hear his voice and know how happy he is. He's healthy, busy, beloved by his associate missionaries and doing just great.

Here is the best part about having a missionary son. Even though I know my kids love me and I love them, the letters we write while they are away from home are amazing because they give us the opportunity to put it all in words.

Subject: Hi Momma
Just thought I'd get one quick note in
I love you. 

Thanks for being my momma
Elder Nuss

Dear Momma,
Just to let you know, my camera has been deathly ill until recently, so I will be able to resume taking pictures now!
Also, I love you and appreciate you. The more I think on your life, the more I say, "Man, my mom is awesome"
Elder Nuss

Subject: Hi Mom
I love you
Elder Nuss

So, he may be gone from my sight and my arms and my immediate orbit, but each week I receive treasures like that to read and ponder. It doesn't really feel like a sacrifice when I see what is happening to his heart, his mind, his spirituality, his resolve and his knowledge of who he truly is.

And so today, Dear Sam,  even thought I can't wish it in person, a very, very happy birthday to you from me.

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