Thursday, May 10, 2012

Weather, Waiting, Waking

I keep thinking of the fact that I haven't changed my seasonal blog layout yet. It's time to get out and start collecting some images I can use to spruce things up for spring.

And spring it is. I can tell because my allergies are raging, complete with sore throat, ringing ears and headaches every morning. The flowers and trees have been lovely and the weather changes every 10 minutes or so from gorgeous to whatever. Yes, it's definitely spring.

I'm not feeling it though. So I really do need to get out in it. Smelling damp earth and grass and watching for baby birds and all that. Hayfever notwithstanding, I must experience the waking-up earth that is very nearly finished putting on her mantle of green. It's time to plant my seed-started tomatoes and eggplants and put the rest of the seeds in the ground. It's time to move some plants around and make a new flower bed.

I'm planning a trip to the farmer's market today to get some good, fresh things. That will help. I hope. I want to feel awakened myself, done with hibernating and waiting and being inside.

A little pollen sensitivity and being busy with big projects are not good enough reasons to miss out on the beautiful world. They are just not.

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  1. I hear you on the hayfever! But it's just so amazing outside, I try to pretend the itchiness, etc. doesn't really matter. I too feel like I'm waking up after a long sleep.


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