Monday, October 08, 2012

A Short Course in Miracles


What does that word mean to you? To me it is a need met in a way not even on my mind, even as a remote possibility, the very moment before it happens. By this definition, a miracle happened to me this week and I am overwhelmed with gratitude. It's so strange how it all came about, but yet it also has a kind of logical symmetry to it. It really is kind of a big circle.

Miracles are like that.

Maybe I fill a need for someone else. Perhaps miraculously, at least from their perspective...

Then YEARS later, something unexpected comes to me.

Something no one knew I really, really need. And worry about.

Except of course, my Heavenly Father.

Why do I ever doubt?

It always happens this way. Every time.

As I think about the many little things that are bugging me today, and there are a surprising number for such a young week, I feel ashamed at my lack of faith. My quickness to compare my situation to that of others. My smallness of vision.

Fortunately, as I write this, I can feel my spine soften and my heart come forward and swell from its tiny, shriveled, fearful state. My breaths slow and deepen. Peace descends. Love whispers in my ear.

It's as if I'm suddenly looking at my life from an orbiting spacecraft. Everything is laid out and beautiful and makes an amazing, organic, imperfect landscape; harmonized together as if by design.

Well, duh.


  1. Thanks. I really needed that today. :)

  2. That was beautiful. Thank you.


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