Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Fade to Autumn

Over at Bollman Bridge a few days ago.

So far, it's been a lovely transition to the Autumnal times of the year. Blue skies, changing leaves, mild-to-chilly temperatures and all that jazz. 

I suspect that I write a post like this every year. But I love it. The change from summer to fall is the deep breath of the year. Like calm, evening yoga before snuggling under your comforter. Autumn invites: To go outside, to walk, to take photos, to remember, to catch up.

I'm busy as I can be, so while the nest is empty, there's no moping here. Yesterday I worked 12 hours on photo editing and teaching work. Our new membership website over at EduKnit.com is growing, and Gwen and I are really enjoying the work. We know it has a place in the world of online knitting instruction and encouragement. Make sure to tell your friends who wield the magical Sticks and String all about it.

Today I'm working on my personal record-keeping, including blogging, photos and other endeavors. I'm also packing to go to Connecticut to teach this weekend at Stitches East. You should come if you can.

In the spirit of Autumn, I've been doing some cleaning up and cleaning out, which always gives one the opportunity to observe patterns. You probably know that I have very ingrained patterns in my life and behavior. Of course you know. This morning, as I was updating the look of the blog. I reviewed previous posts and noticed anew how often I write about my eternal quests:

  • Simplicity
  • Optimism
  • Appreciating my family and friends
  • Recording happenings in my life but never feeling quite caught up
  • Putting up photos that inspire
  • Deciding what to focus on in life, writing, work, etc.
This really isn't surprising to me, and it is actually a tenet of my core belief system that to be eternally questing is the whole point. The fact that I keep reaching for these things means that I'll stay interested and engaged forever. Along the way, I will achieve levels and plateaus of satisfaction, but then I will keep exploring. I like that paradigm. 

Thanks for always reading. Even when it's a total repeat. 

PS, I will be inserting catch up, journaling and travel posts into their proper place in history, so they may not show up as a new post, but you can go poking around on the blog and find them. 

I hope your day is autumnal in all the good ways. 


  1. Stitches East!! That gives me some happy memories.

  2. I think I respond in a similar way to autumn. It's hard for me to spring clean, but autumn just makes me want to declutter, or better yet, simplify. I also updated the look of my blog today. My blogging quest is renewed! Thank you for your words and example.


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