Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Other Side of Last Week

After my little rant in the middle of last week, I did want to revisit and tell about the gorgeous parts that happened. It was a great week in a lot of ways. I'm still processing some of the ways it was overlaid by some serious challenges, but right now, looking back just a week, I'm remembering little of the difficulties.

Saturday and Sunday, Gwen and I had a great time at the MD Sheep and Wool Festival. We got t-shirts, ate fair food, watched the sheep to shawl competition and generally enjoyed great weather, lots of fellow fiber people, and seeing some old friends.

Sunday afternoon, my son Sam returned home from BYU. He'll be here for the summer, and in about 2 weeks, he's getting married and his bride will be here as well. They both have internships nearby and will be with us for the summer. I love having kids in the house again. Things are just more fun.

Monday, Evan's mission call arrived in the mail. Because he wanted to open it himself, we express-mailed it to Utah. He opened it to great fanfare on Tuesday night with friends and family in personal attendance as well as about 10 of us gathered on a google hangout to watch over the interwebs. He is going to Rosario, Argentina and will leave in September to begin that odyssey. I'm excited for his willingness to serve and look forward to seeing his progress as he prepares. It's amazing to see a young person get themselves ready to leave the world they know completely behind in an effort to live their faith. He's going to be great!

By Wednesday, after coping with another water heater flood and some other awesome things happening all at the same time, I was feeling very much like I was living in two worlds. Thus that last post. My mind was filled with the challenges going on right around me, but my task at hand was to get the work done for Eduknit that Gwen had come out for. She, as always, was great. Patient, funny, practical, and fitting right in with our family, knowing when to joke about the situation and when to shake her head along with me. It was a good test of our partnership, and from my perspective, she passed with flying colors. I'm still not so sure about me. Ha.

After Gwen left, there was a trip to the temple, which is always the right place to be, then we went downtown to a V-E Day flyover of vintage WW2 aircraft over the usually-restricted airspace of The National Mall. That was really worthwhile. They did it at lunch time and everyone was out, with roofs filled with people watching and the streets and sidewalks as well. I felt the things I love best about Independence Day; unity and actual pride in our country.

Now, of course, with a bit of space to think some things over while forgetting about other things, I can focus on the good. Wedding plans are going forward apace, with many heartwarming offers to help and the wonderful anticipation of all my people coming to be nearby. I can't wait till next week when we're all together. Jeff and Ashlyn and the Granddarling get here in two days to help with the last minute stuff and it's going to be great.

The house is getting cleaned out and decluttered better than it has in years. Actual carloads of stuff are going away and it makes me so happy. I recently read in a book about tidying how the actual air in a room changes when the number of items in that room is drastically reduced. I can definitely feel that. I got a design finished that was overdue and I'm just glad to be making some progress in various areas.

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