Monday, September 03, 2007

Beautiful Weekend

We went on our annual pilgramage to Blue Knob State Park for a family camp that was started 11 or 12 years ago by a group of families in our stake. The families have mostly changed except for a few who have been coming all along, but the fun is the same. There is not much to blog about because not much happens, and that's the beauty of the weekend. We all enjoy being together, the proverbial village keeps all the kids safe so moms and dads can relax, and this particular weekend, the weather was spectacular. One other highlight is that the wonderful and wee Bedford, PA Branch of our church, after welcoming the teeming horde of us to church every labor day for all these years (we far more than double their numbers) surprised us with a pot-luck break-the-fast luncheon after church. It was the coolest thing ever-these good people who don't know most of us at all, just opening their hearts and loving us. It was truly a Zion moment for me.

We got home this afternoon and I just have to mention that with my dear husband's help, we had everything completely unpacked in about 1 hour. I am not kidding. I love it when he is actually home and available. Such a difference.

Anyway, if I can get blogger to cooperate,which I haven't been able to do all week, I will post a few photos. In keeping with my current focus of practicing my photography every day and not taking pictures merely to prove I or my children were in a certain place, I offer a few views of Blue Knob that represent more than just events. They represent how I see it there.

Early-morning sun backlighting leaves

This is a wonderfully interesting old building on the way. I finally went back on a photo safari.

The outside has come in, but the character remains.

It is close to being completely taken over by the local flora.

Every time I turned another corner, I found amazing new details.

Queen Anne's Lace in the fading light

This one proves only that we were there. You cannot tell by these expressions that anyone had any fun. They did though, they just hate being photographed. How ironic is that. I couldn't get 5 little hams that would pose for me. I guess some of my creativity has stemmed from getting good photos of them in spite of their skilled avoidance tactics. Okay, off to bed and back to the real world now.

PS: My Avatar is me sitting on the porch of one the little cabins where we stay at Blue Knob. I often like photos of me there because I'm actually relaxed.


  1. Sounds like a very fun and relaxing weekend. Glad you are back safe, and unpacked. That is the absolute worst part of a trip. I loved the photos. It is really beautiful there.

  2. I love your children's expressions! I see my future and don't look forward to it. I want them to stay very young and pose and smile whenever I tell them too. Bravo on being unpacked! That usually takes weeks. I hope your life in the real world has some time for some relaxation. The photos are great!

  3. Great pictures! I'm glad you had a good trip.

  4. It was fun to see you there. It was interesting to read this and see that we commented on some similar things there.

  5. That building is fantastic!

  6. That is so touching how the branch looked forward to your coming. It sounds like a great tradition. I love the photos! The one of your kids is especially nice, composition-wise. At least you got one smile!

  7. Oh, and I really like the composition of the one of the house with the forked weed in the foreground, echoing the vine on the house. And the way the light makes a halo around the house, giving it a slightly spectral quality. Nicely seen!

  8. What beautiful pictures. Sounds like you all had a blast! Fun times.

  9. what a lovely retreat. I love the light in the leaves, makes me thinking of taking time to actually look up and breathe. the intricacy of the stonework is truly amazing. think of all the work put into laying such slivers of stone!

    western PA certainly holds a lot of gems. :)


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