Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Let's Do the Ramble

This week has been ruled by the day-camp schedules of Evan and Sara. Not a bad thing, just a bit more structure than I generally like in the summer. It's okay though because I always get more done when I have structure.

Evan has drum set camp from 9-12 at a nearby high school. I have a friend to carpool with. My only stress there is the (not) fun process of getting him up (my happy-go-lucky boy has been replaced by a pre-teen. sigh.) and remembering to check the email with today's driving schedule on it so I know whether or not I just push him out the door to the waiting arms of my friend or if I have to get myself together and go pick up friend's daughter.

Sara is in Volleyball camp from 1-4 at a community center in Glenwood that is 20 miles from my house and takes 30 minutes to get there. Not quite so simple as there is no one to carpool with, but...

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(for some reason, this map, when I view it, won't show the route I take-I go up 32. It would be 25 miles this way. Irrelevant, but I get so annoyed when computers won't do what I tell them to. If you click on the view larger map link, the route is correct. Weird.)

...the car ride yields time to talk with her one way and time to listen to books and music of my choice the other way. A couple of the days it will work out for me to just hang out up there, and that will add some variety to our week as well, so it's all good.

In other news, Jeff sprained his ankle, so his re-entry to real life has been slowed a bit by laying on the couch doing the RICE routine for his injury. I haven't taken him to the Dr. yet because he is not currently on our insurance, so hopefully my diagnosis is correct and it is a sprain. All the evidence says so.

We celebrated Evan and Johnathan's birthdays on Sunday with all the fam. It will be so strange when my sis moves to KY in a few weeks-it will only be my folks and us for family get-togethers. I'll have to learn to cook normally instead of for at least 15.

I couldn't stand it any more and broke down and watered the very sad, droopy hydrangeas. Naturally, it rained last night as a result. In my defense, it has only been little spits of rain in the night-times this week, and well, they just looked pathetic. If the skies don't open up with an actual downpour today, I may just have to water them again.

I've started recording a yoga show on FitTV. I really like Yoga. I think in the fall I'm going to take a class. When it is done properly, it is much more like dance than "excercise." I'm also signed up for a 10K in September. I've never run that distance, so I'm excited to see if I can get faster.

So, there you have it. A busy summer week in the life of a 41-year old woman. With older kids, I really can't write too much about their exploits because they are so much more aware (some of them actually read my blog), so sometimes I really feel like I'm reaching for something to write about. Believe me, I wish I could tell you about how **** is now regularly carrying *** ***** around in *** ***, but I really can't. Or how **** ***** every time ** is in the ********. But, because my blog would be really annoying to read with all those asterisks, you'll just have to imagine how funny and entertaining and sometimes completely exasperating my kids really are...


  1. Ha! The asterisks made me laugh!! You have been busy!! I really enjoy yoga too, Kundalini yoga is my favorite because there's lots of good meditation - well, along with some crazy chanting, but that's all part of the charm!:)

  2. I love your asterisks! Very funny. Ok, so I've been meaning to call you back about Thursday, which sounds great as long as it doesn't stress you out!!! You are a busy lady.

    Also, about the castles . . . I was very excited too. It was the first thing to come up, but I chose it just to be like you. :)

  3. i'm scared of yoga...i bet i would fall over. but i laughed out loud at your astericks. isn't that the way?

  4. I really like yoga too. I need to find a good place to do it regularly; if you find one, please let me know!

  5. So funny! If my kids could read my blog...they would know I was the Toothfairy and Santa.

    I have just started doing Yoga on FitTV too! You should do it with Natalia in the room, she yells at you if you don't do it just like the people on the tv. It makes me laugh.

  6. glenwood! that is a haul. funny, I was studying the map like my geeky self does and thought, hmm, I'm sure there's a quicker way down 32 and connect to 97 that way. then I read below and sure enough! :)

    I took one yoga class at our gym before I decided the daycare there was too hard for my kids and me. I need to try again, but I really liked it. BYUTV also has a good yoga series on their morning exercise program, it's actually only a year or two old rather than 20. ; )

    good luck with the 10k!

  7. Your last paragraph made me laugh. Even now I am running into things with Maia that she doesn't want me to share. Then, things I think she wouldn't want me to share, she's really open about. I guess I should just always keep my mouth shut to be on the safe side, but keeping my mouth shut has never been my strong suit...


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